When you have to send your accountant the final QBB file, those sizes add up. Why are Profiles so hard to access? I’d imagine the scanner wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a normal router and a hotspot, it’s just wifi to it. Spare capacity of a least 2, MB is necessary to install the software that is included in this table. X Enter your email address: Is it likely they will be able to software upgrade the IX to scan wirelessly to a pc or will I need to wait for the next model?

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Kind scansnap s1300i twain defeats the purpose though. April 23, at 1: Joe – March 24, Reply. Unfortunately, it needs access to a wi-fi network. Thursday, December 24, Derrick Ashby – November 29, Reply. January 14, at 3: I asked Fujitsu that too, and they said no because some of it apparently relies on the new chip in the iX As of August 2, scansnap s1300i twain, the ix can now scan to PC wirelessly.

Frederic – January 7, Reply. The automatic blank page removal for duplex scanning is really poor.

Why Doesn’t ScanSnap Have TWAIN Drivers? – Fujitsu ScanSnap Community

This hack works with the fiEOX2 as well! If not then it seems to me that a bigger page hopper would not be of much help. Among consumer models it’s checked scansnzp the S but not the Si or iX Why do you say it would be scansnap s1300i twain licensing nightmare for them to supply Scansnap s1300i twain for Mac, when they already supply it for PC? Spicer Matthews – January 7, Reply. George – Scansnwp 13, Reply.


It doesn’t create its own. I ordered the SM from Amazon yesterday evening after giving up waiting for this event.

ScanSnap Software Downloads

Fujitsu has also made scansnap s1300i twain much easier to send scans straight to Acrobat, which overcomes the biggest reason that scansnap s1300i twain lack of a TWAIN driver was a problem. Several staff have bought them for home use, one of whom scanned all his family photos. It has fewer restrictions and much simpler cross-platform access for pc, phones, etc.

Apparently this is something they brought in from the higher-level scanners. It was released inscansnap s1300i twain it is not surprising that it was the winner this year. A weakness seems to be the power supplies, I’ve replaced several by now.

The ix has the B, the B, and now the Scansnap s1300i twain newer model, I scansnap s1300i twain. Also, I want it to scan to PDF files for emailing. The vendor then did a search for Twain driver I was not watching too close at the time and found some site the had “windows drivers” or something, they were about to click on something to download when I saw what they were doing.


Without knowing more about what other requirements you have such as monthly workload, budget, scansnap s1300i twain whether or not you need color twai, I’d suggest taking a look at the DS Color Duplex Document Scannerour most popular workforce scanner model.

I had been searching for a solution for a while and it looks like the best bet may be to return scansnap s1300i twain scanner since I, also use specialized dental software that requires a TWAIN. Fujitsu is know for their retardedness in this respect.

[SOLVED] ScanSnap ix TWAIN Driver – Printers & Scanners – Spiceworks

Best thing I have ever used in my business. Told them we were not going to chance getting some junk on a new pc. Click again, the Twzin may or may not hang around long enough to chose one and if scansnap s1300i twain do choose one, you get no feedback as to whether it is selected, unless of course you want to click again. Fujitsut needs to get on the ball, off the wall, and into the halls with their scansnap s1300i twain.